02 Analyze compared odds and find the best odds

In this video, I will show you how to analyze and compare the odds of bookmakers and how to find the best odds.

We log in to Sharp Odds Maker and select a match.

Up here, we have instructions for the most important things on this page.

Here are the compared odds from about twenty of the best bookmakers.
The intensive blue odds represent the highest odds, and these bluish ones are slightly lower than the highest odds.
The reddest represents the lowest odds, and these reddish ones are slightly higher than that.
These uncolored odds are somewhere in between.
In the end, the average odds are displayed.

To navigate through the odds, hold down the right mouse button and move up or down. This is the fastest way to go through this entire list of odds. We can also scroll with the mouse or use this scrollbar on the right.

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