Betting on Both Teams To Score

Traders and punters alike are drawn to the both teams to score football market because, in comparison to other football markets, the pricing is often more attractive. On average, this market typically goes off between a price of 1.9 and 2.0. There's no question that calling things right can result in sizeable profits. However, the both teams to score market is one of the hardest markets to crack in football betting and trading because, in most cases, the odds are justified. With 51% of football matches finishing with both teams scoring, it's difficult to find an edge.

In this week's upload, I'm going to provide you with some strategies to tackle the both teams to score marketplace. By the end, you'll be able to identify the best opportunities in minimal time. We have a lot of football strategy videos coming up for the Premier League season, so don't forget to subscribe down below to avoid missing out.

When you start doing some research into the both teams to score markets, you'll soon see that the same teams outperform the average both teams to score statistic routinely. For example, last season, Tottenham Hotspur had 66% of their games ending in both teams scoring. However, if you look at away games only, it rises to 79%. This shows us that home and away is a very influential factor when it comes to both teams to score. In fact, last season, the top 11 teams had an average both teams to score statistic of 53%. However, when we look at those teams deeper, we realize that it's just a handful that bring up the overall average. For example, when we look at Chelsea, only 37% of their home games ended in both teams scoring. Although, when you look at that away statistic, it jumps all the way up to 79%. That's not to say that Chelsea didn't score in their home games. It's to say that both teams didn't score in Chelsea's home games.

When it comes to criteria, both teams to score markets typically go off at a price of 1.9 or thereabouts, giving it an implied probability of 52.6%. I suggest the first thing to do is to find the teams that have a higher both teams to score percentage than this, paying some extra attention to when both teams scored the most. The next step is pairing them up with another likely scoring team for the alternate outcome. To do this, I'm going to use two resources that I'll share with you on the screen.

When it comes to finding the right games, is a good site. It has some good tables listed there with the relevant information broken down into home or away. To find them, you just need to navigate from the home page to the league you want. We'll go with the Premier League here. Scroll down to the bottom, and you'll see that there are lots of different statistics there. You can select both teams to score, and then it's just a case of selecting the season that you want to see the data for on the screen.

Now, we need to see if the statistics of the two teams involved complement each other to form a situation where both teams are likely to score. To do that, I'm going to use another favorite football statistics site of mine, which you may have seen elsewhere, called Infogol. All links are in the deion down below. Infogol highlights the most relevant statistical information on a per-match basis for each game listing. That's a bit of a mouthful, so I'll show you on the screen here. But down at the bottom below the initial statistics for the game, you'll see that they highlight some key attributes. So just here, you'll often see statistics about both teams to score, under/overscoring, and if teams have won or lost their recent matches. In this example, you can see that Manchester United have won their last four away league games. Now, Infogol also displays xG's easily under all the teams as the season goes on. But we can do our own team research by going to the team section and finding what we're looking for in terms of both teams to score and their current and existing xG ratings. So when that's used in conjunction with FootyStats, you can see the value in terms of linking up that information, gelling together nicely, seeing if there's an increased chance of both teams scoring in a particular match. Doing a little pre-match research like this can go a hell of a long way, particularly when you're trying to find a potential situation where both teams will score. Now, as most of you will already know, the only way to actually make money longer-term is to find value in the markets and the odds, get an increased price in comparison to what's actually happening. So the last part of this puzzle will always be finding the live updated, fresh statistical information and watching the match with your own two eyes to see what's happening on the pitch. So you can then see that a potential situation is translating into a real situation, act quickly.

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