Standard Odds

 Most common odds. You can calculate all these odds for every football match by using Sharp Odds Maker and you can instantly compare these odds to the top Bookmakers. You can also export all calculated and Bookmakers' odds.

Total: 607         Bet: 

590Match WinnerHome 
126Match WinnerDraw 
657Match WinnerAway 
468Total GoalsUnder 0.5 
435Total GoalsOver 0.5 
288Total GoalsUnder 1.5 
650Total GoalsOver 1.5 
328Total GoalsUnder 2.5 
73Total GoalsOver 2.5 
632Total GoalsUnder 3.5 
238Total GoalsOver 3.5 
447Total GoalsUnder 4.5 
329Total GoalsOver 4.5 
481Total GoalsOver 0.75 
334Total GoalsOver 1.0 
66Total GoalsOver 1.25 
83Total GoalsOver 1.75 
448Total GoalsOver 2.0 
242Total GoalsOver 2.25 
474Total GoalsOver 2.75 
618Total GoalsOver 3.0 
133Total GoalsOver 3.25 
417Total GoalsOver 3.75 
364Total GoalsOver 4.0 
515Total GoalsOver 4.25 
678Total GoalsOver 4.75 
466Total GoalsOver 5.0 
720Total GoalsOver 5.25 
282Total GoalsOver 5.5 
916Total GoalsOver 5.75 
858Total GoalsOver 6.0 
461Total GoalsOver 6.5 
528Total GoalsUnder 0.75 
589Total GoalsUnder 1.0 
644Total GoalsUnder 1.25 
106Total GoalsUnder 1.75 
655Total GoalsUnder 2.0 
546Total GoalsUnder 2.25 
142Total GoalsUnder 2.75 
426Total GoalsUnder 3.0 
232Total GoalsUnder 3.25 
521Total GoalsUnder 3.75 
17Total GoalsUnder 4.0 
57Total GoalsUnder 4.25 
706Total GoalsUnder 4.75 
171Total GoalsUnder 5.0 
721Total GoalsUnder 5.25 
440Total GoalsUnder 5.5 
914Total GoalsUnder 5.75 
824Total GoalsUnder 6.0 
566Total GoalsUnder 6.5 
533Half Time / Full TimeHome/Home 
568Half Time / Full TimeHome/Draw 
234Half Time / Full TimeHome/Away 
372Half Time / Full TimeDraw/Home 
144Half Time / Full TimeDraw/Draw 
416Half Time / Full TimeDraw/Away 
402Half Time / Full TimeAway/Home 
623Half Time / Full TimeAway/Draw 
342Half Time / Full TimeAway/Away 
275Draw No BetAway 
351Draw No BetHome 
72353Draw No bet 1st HalfHome 
72354Draw No bet 1st HalfAway 
72355Draw No bet 2nd HalfHome 
72356Draw No bet 2nd HalfAway 
3851st Half WinnerAway 
1311st Half WinnerDraw 
5951st Half WinnerHome 
1571st Half Winner / Both Teams ScoreAway/No 
5371st Half Winner / Both Teams ScoreAway/Yes 
2841st Half Winner / Both Teams ScoreDraw/No 
961st Half Winner / Both Teams ScoreDraw/Yes 
2601st Half Winner / Both Teams ScoreHome/No 
6521st Half Winner / Both Teams ScoreHome/Yes 
724471st Half Winner / Total GoalsHome / Over 0.5 
382071st Half Winner / Total GoalsHome / Under 1.5 
379921st Half Winner / Total GoalsHome / Over 1.5 
381711st Half Winner / Total GoalsDraw / Under 1.5 
384951st Half Winner / Total GoalsDraw / Over 1.5 
380161st Half Winner / Total GoalsAway / Under 1.5 
386661st Half Winner / Total GoalsAway / Over 1.5 
724481st Half Winner / Total GoalsHome / Under 2.5 
724491st Half Winner / Total GoalsHome / Over 2.5 
724501st Half Winner / Total GoalsHome / Under 3.5 
724511st Half Winner / Total GoalsHome / Over 3.5 
724521st Half Winner / Total GoalsHome / Under 4.5 
724531st Half Winner / Total GoalsDraw / Over 0.5 
724541st Half Winner / Total GoalsDraw / Under 2.5 
724551st Half Winner / Total GoalsDraw / Over 2.5 
724561st Half Winner / Total GoalsDraw / Under 3.5 
724571st Half Winner / Total GoalsDraw / Over 3.5 
724581st Half Winner / Total GoalsDraw / Under 4.5 
724591st Half Winner / Total GoalsAway / Over 0.5 
724601st Half Winner / Total GoalsAway / Under 2.5 
724611st Half Winner / Total GoalsAway / Over 2.5 
724621st Half Winner / Total GoalsAway / Under 3.5 
724631st Half Winner / Total GoalsAway / Over 3.5 
724641st Half Winner / Total GoalsAway / Under 4.5 
5312nd Half WinnerAway 
2412nd Half WinnerDraw 
502nd Half WinnerHome 
633Asian HandicapAway +0 
511Asian HandicapAway +0.25 
380Asian HandicapAway +0.5 
666Asian HandicapAway +0.75 
167Asian HandicapAway +1 
213Asian HandicapAway +1.25 
487Asian HandicapAway +1.5 
318Asian HandicapAway +1.75 
95Asian HandicapAway +2 
231Asian HandicapAway -0.25 
567Asian HandicapAway -0.5 
376Asian HandicapAway -0.75 
408Asian HandicapAway -1 
335Asian HandicapAway -1.25 
326Asian HandicapAway -1.5 
591Asian HandicapAway -1.75 
648Asian HandicapAway -2 
367Asian HandicapHome +0 
495Asian HandicapHome +0.25 
556Asian HandicapHome +0.5 
116Asian HandicapHome +0.75 
398Asian HandicapHome +1 
572Asian HandicapHome +1.25 
46Asian HandicapHome +1.5 
535Asian HandicapHome +1.75 
224Asian HandicapHome +2 
71Asian HandicapHome -0.25 
341Asian HandicapHome -0.5 
7Asian HandicapHome -0.75 
620Asian HandicapHome -1.25 
520Asian HandicapHome -1.5 
391Asian HandicapHome -1.75 
393Asian HandicapHome -2 
32Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway +0 
467Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway +0.25 
39Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway +0.5 
480Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway +0.75 
588Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway +1 
732Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway +1.25 
494Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway +1.5 
946Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway +1.75 
947Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway +2 
389Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway -0.25 
297Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway -0.5 
125Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway -0.75 
496Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway -1 
172Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway -1.25 
85Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway -1.5 
805Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway -1.75 
784Asian Handicap 1st HalfAway -2 
109Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome +0 
11Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome +0.25 
366Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome +0.5 
202Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome +0.75 
76Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome +1 
719Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome +1.25 
564Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome +1.5 
944Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome +1.75 
945Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome +2 
211Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome -0.25 
103Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome -0.5 
170Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome -0.75 
306Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome -1 
29Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome -1.25 
289Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome -1.5 
874Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome -1.75 
877Asian Handicap 1st HalfHome -2 
973Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway + 0 
974Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway +0.25 
975Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway +0.5 
976Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway +0.75 
977Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway +1 
978Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway +1.25 
979Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway +1.5 
980Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway +1.75 
981Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway +2 
972Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway -0.25 
971Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway -0.5 
970Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway -0.75 
969Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway -1 
968Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway -1.25 
967Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway -1.5 
966Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway -1.75 
965Asian Handicap 2nd HalfAway -2 
958Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome + 0.5 
956Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome +0 
957Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome +0.25 
959Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome +0.75 
960Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome +1 
961Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome +1.25 
962Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome +1.5 
963Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome +1.75 
964Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome +2 
955Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome -0.25 
954Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome -0.5 
953Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome -0.75 
952Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome -1 
951Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome -1.25 
950Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome -1.5 
949Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome -1.75 
948Asian Handicap 2nd HalfHome -2 
316Away Clean SheetNo 
141Away Clean SheetYes 
220Away Exact Total Goals0 
164Away Exact Total Goals1 
631Away Exact Total Goals2 
574Away Exact Total Goals3 
245Away Exact Total Goals4 
419Away Odd/EvenEven 
296Away Odd/EvenOdd 
424Away Team Score a GoalNo 
355Away Team Score a GoalYes 
423Away Total GoalsOver 0.5 
604Away Total GoalsOver 1.5 
668Away Total GoalsOver 2.5 
160Away Total GoalsOver 3.5 
225Away Total GoalsUnder 0.5 
294Away Total GoalsUnder 1.5 
406Away Total GoalsUnder 2.5 
352Away Total GoalsUnder 3.5 
627Away Win Both HalvesNo 
442Away Win Both HalvesYes 
460Away Win to NilNo 
594Away Win to NilYes 
605Both Teams To ScoreNo 
449Both Teams To ScoreYes 
508Both Teams to Score - 1st Half / 2nd HalfNo/No 
552Both Teams to Score - 1st Half / 2nd HalfNo/Yes 
100Both Teams to Score - 1st Half / 2nd HalfYes/No 
237Both Teams to Score - 1st Half / 2nd HalfYes/Yes 
665Both Teams To Score 1st HalfNo 
470Both Teams To Score 1st HalfYes 
348Both Teams To Score 2nd HalfNo 
550Both Teams To Score 2nd HalfYes 
483Correct Score 1st Half0:0 
54Correct Score 1st Half0:1 
44Correct Score 1st Half0:2 
278Correct Score 1st Half0:3 
317Correct Score 1st Half1:0 
12Correct Score 1st Half1:1 
132Correct Score 1st Half1:2 
575Correct Score 1st Half1:3 
22Correct Score 1st Half2:0 
264Correct Score 1st Half2:1 
490Correct Score 1st Half2:2 
90Correct Score 1st Half2:3 
192Correct Score 1st Half3:0 
420Correct Score 1st Half3:1 
645Correct Score 1st Half3:2 
197Correct Score 1st Half3:3 
439Correct Score 2nd Half0:0 
31Correct Score 2nd Half0:1 
609Correct Score 2nd Half0:2 
168Correct Score 2nd Half0:3 
254Correct Score 2nd Half1:0 
43Correct Score 2nd Half1:1 
1Correct Score 2nd Half1:2 
429Correct Score 2nd Half1:3 
48Correct Score 2nd Half2:0 
286Correct Score 2nd Half2:1 
584Correct Score 2nd Half2:2 
64Correct Score 2nd Half2:3 
152Correct Score 2nd Half3:0 
388Correct Score 2nd Half3:1 
602Correct Score 2nd Half3:2 
163Correct Score 2nd Half3:3 
147Double Chance1X 
456Double Chance12 
343Double ChanceX2 
169Double Chance 1st HalfHome/Draw 
497Double Chance 1st HalfHome/Away 
119Double Chance 1st HalfDraw/Away 
585Double Chance 2nd HalfHome/Draw 
201Double Chance 2nd HalfHome/Away 
436Double Chance 2nd HalfDraw/Away 
462European HandicapAway +1 
38European HandicapAway +2 
629European HandicapAway +3 
422European HandicapAway +4 
374European HandicapAway -1 
493European HandicapAway -2 
484European HandicapAway -3 
345European HandicapAway -4 
823European HandicapAway -5 
894European HandicapAway -6 
91European HandicapDraw +1 
179European HandicapDraw +2 
230European HandicapDraw +3 
586European HandicapDraw +4 
177European HandicapDraw -1 
325European HandicapDraw -2 
115European HandicapDraw -3 
189European HandicapDraw -4 
880European HandicapDraw -5 
892European HandicapDraw -6 
643European HandicapHome +1 
444European HandicapHome +2 
432European HandicapHome +3 
675European HandicapHome +4 
114European HandicapHome -1 
346European HandicapHome -2 
175European HandicapHome -3 
86European HandicapHome -4 
817European HandicapHome -5 
896European HandicapHome -6 
543European Handicap 1st HalfHome -1 
463European Handicap 1st HalfHome -2 
56European Handicap 1st HalfHome -3 
379European Handicap 1st HalfHome +1 
285European Handicap 1st HalfHome +2 
699European Handicap 1st HalfHome +3 
414European Handicap 1st HalfDraw -1 
492European Handicap 1st HalfDraw -2 
265European Handicap 1st HalfDraw -3 
236European Handicap 1st HalfDraw +1 
358European Handicap 1st HalfDraw +2 
710European Handicap 1st HalfDraw +3 
186European Handicap 1st HalfAway -1 
319European Handicap 1st HalfAway -2 
227European Handicap 1st HalfAway -3 
258European Handicap 1st HalfAway +1 
113European Handicap 1st HalfAway +2 
708European Handicap 1st HalfAway +3 
387Exact Score0:0 
664Exact Score0:1 
638Exact Score0:2 
129Exact Score0:3 
614Exact Score0:4 
223Exact Score1:0 
607Exact Score1:1 
640Exact Score1:2 
485Exact Score1:3 
198Exact Score1:4 
600Exact Score2:0 
161Exact Score2:1 
431Exact Score2:2 
24Exact Score2:3 
216Exact Score2:4 
108Exact Score3:0 
274Exact Score3:1 
555Exact Score3:2 
130Exact Score3:3 
390Exact Score3:4 
117Exact Score4:0 
560Exact Score4:1 
612Exact Score4:2 
320Exact Score4:4 
324Exact Total Goals1 
193Exact Total Goals2 
49Exact Total Goals3 
412Exact Total Goals4 
544Exact Total Goals5 
310Exact Total Goals6 
712Exact Total Goals7 
151Exact Total Goals 1st Half0 
98Exact Total Goals 1st Half1 
596Exact Total Goals 1st Half2 
455Exact Total Goals 1st Half3 
273Exact Total Goals 1st Half4 
522Exact Total Goals 2nd Half0 
669Exact Total Goals 2nd Half1 
368Exact Total Goals 2nd Half2 
250Exact Total Goals 2nd Half3 
65Exact Total Goals 2nd Half4 
266Exact Total Goals 2nd Halfmore 3 
410Exact Total Goals 2nd Halfmore 5 
339Highest Scoring Half1st Half 
637Highest Scoring Half2nd Half 
55Highest Scoring HalfDraw 
647Home Clean SheetNo 
411Home Clean SheetYes 
476Home Exact Total Goals0 
517Home Exact Total Goals1 
246Home Exact Total Goals2 
205Home Exact Total Goals3 
630Home Exact Total Goals4 
134Home Odd/EvenEven 
608Home Odd/EvenOdd 
14Home Total GoalsOver 0.5 
207Home Total GoalsOver 1.5 
276Home Total GoalsOver 2.5 
525Home Total GoalsOver 3.5 
491Home Total GoalsUnder 0.5 
395Home Total GoalsUnder 1.5 
158Home Total GoalsUnder 2.5 
138Home Total GoalsUnder 3.5 
405Home Win Both HalvesNo 
651Home Win Both HalvesYes 
20Home Win to NilNo 
208Home Win to NilYes 
33Match Winner / Both Teams ScoreAway/No 
396Match Winner / Both Teams ScoreAway/Yes 
166Match Winner / Both Teams ScoreDraw/No 
35Match Winner / Both Teams ScoreDraw/Yes 
473Match Winner / Both Teams ScoreHome/No 
425Match Winner / Both Teams ScoreHome/Yes 
723Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Over 1.5 
61Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Over 2.5 
636Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Over 3.5 
729Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Over 4.5 
1637Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Over 5.5 
1641Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Over 6.5 
1553Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Over 7.5 
1489Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Over 8.5 
1397Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Over 9.5 
697Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Under 1.5 
92Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Under 2.5 
536Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Under 3.5 
676Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Under 4.5 
888Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Under 5.5 
901Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Under 6.5 
1117Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Under 7.5 
1337Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Under 8.5 
1526Match Winner / Total GoalsAway/Under 9.5 
713Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Over 1.5 
259Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Over 2.5 
102Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Over 3.5 
704Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Over 4.5 
1640Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Over 5.5 
3119Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Over 6.5 
1424Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Over 7.5 
691Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Under 1.5 
219Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Under 2.5 
25Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Under 3.5 
705Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Under 4.5 
814Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Under 5.5 
1258Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Under 6.5 
1298Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Under 7.5 
1112Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Under 8.5 
1156Match Winner / Total GoalsDraw/Under 9.5 
672Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Over 1.5 
272Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Over 2.5 
382Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Over 3.5 
701Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Over 4.5 
1639Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Over 5.5 
2490Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Over 6.5 
1437Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Over 7.5 
694Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Under 1.5 
173Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Under 2.5 
361Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Under 3.5 
714Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Under 4.5 
875Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Under 5.5 
1328Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Under 6.5 
1363Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Under 7.5 
1360Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Under 8.5 
2492Match Winner / Total GoalsHome/Under 9.5 
1043Multi Goal1-2 
1050Multi Goal1-3 
1054Multi Goal1-4 
1056Multi Goal1-5 
1044Multi Goal2-3 
1045Multi Goal2-4 
1051Multi Goal2-5 
1057Multi Goal2-6 
1046Multi Goal3-4 
1052Multi Goal3-5 
1055Multi Goal3-6 
1047Multi Goal4-5 
1048Multi Goal4-6 
1074Multi Goal 1st Half1-2 
1075Multi Goal 1st Half1-3 
1076Multi Goal 1st Half1-4 
1077Multi Goal 1st Half2-3 
1078Multi Goal 1st Half2-4 
1079Multi Goal 2nd Half1-2 
1080Multi Goal 2nd Half1-3 
1081Multi Goal 2nd Half1-4 
1082Multi Goal 2nd Half2-3 
1083Multi Goal 2nd Half2-4 
441Odd/Even 1st HalfEven 
301Odd/Even 1st HalfOdd 
180Odd/Even 2nd HalfEven 
378Odd/Even 2nd HalfOdd 
13RTG_H1Away/Over 1.5 
488RTG_H1Away/Under 1.5 
251RTG_H1Draw/Over 1.5 
601RTG_H1Draw/Under 1.5 
626RTG_H1Home/Over 1.5 
663RTG_H1Home/Under 1.5 
510To Score In Both Halves By TeamsAway 
155To Score In Both Halves By TeamsHome 
587To Win Either HalfAway 
661To Win Either HalfHome 
549Total Goals / Both Teams To Scoreo/no 2.5 
123Total Goals / Both Teams To Scoreo/yes 2.5 
112Total Goals / Both Teams To Scoreu/no 2.5 
59Total Goals / Both Teams To Scoreu/yes 2.5 
199Total Goals 1st HalfOver 0.5 
121Total Goals 1st HalfOver 0.75 
42Total Goals 1st HalfOver 1.0 
464Total Goals 1st HalfOver 1.25 
362Total Goals 1st HalfOver 1.5 
558Total Goals 1st HalfOver 1.75 
188Total Goals 1st HalfOver 2.0 
36Total Goals 1st HalfOver 2.25 
330Total Goals 1st HalfOver 2.5 
813Total Goals 1st HalfOver 2.75 
671Total Goals 1st HalfOver 3.5 
110Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 0.5 
221Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 0.75 
311Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 1.0 
304Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 1.25 
514Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 1.5 
363Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 1.75 
215Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 2.0 
228Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 2.25 
262Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 2.5 
857Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 2.75 
291Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 3.5 
524Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 0.5 
711Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 0.75 
475Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 1.0 
156Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 1.25 
94Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 1.5 
190Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 1.75 
526Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 2.0 
386Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 2.25 
146Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 2.5 
889Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 2.75 
340Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 3.5 
371Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 0.5 
731Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 0.75 
506Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 1.0 
553Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 1.25 
200Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 1.5 
19Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 1.75 
579Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 2.0 
124Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 2.25 
593Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 2.5 
787Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 2.75 
530Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 3.5 
1147Total Goals 3 way2 Or 3  
1347Total Goals 3 wayOver 3  
1172Total Goals 3 wayUnder 2  
370Win Both HalvesAway 
547Win Both HalvesHome 
685Win Both HalvesNeither 
81Win To NilAway 
149Win To NilHome 
69Winning Margin1 by 1 
469Winning Margin1 by 2 
14393Winning Margin1 by 2+ 
565Winning Margin1 by 3 
14394Winning Margin1 by 3+ 
653Winning Margin1 by 4+ 
503Winning MarginNo Score 
365Winning MarginScore Draw 
404Winning Margin2 by 1 
269Winning Margin2 by 2 
14395Winning Margin2 by 2+ 
139Winning Margin2 by 3 
14396Winning Margin2 by 3+ 
181Winning Margin2 by 4+ 
927Winning Margin 1st Half1 by 1 
928Winning Margin 1st Half1 by 2 
930Winning Margin 1st Half1 by 2+ 
931Winning Margin 1st Half2 by 1 
932Winning Margin 1st Half2 by 2 
933Winning Margin 1st Half2 by 2+ 
940Winning Margin 1st HalfNo score 
941Winning Margin 1st HalfScore draw 
934Winning Margin 2nd Half1 by 1 
935Winning Margin 2nd Half1 by 2 
936Winning Margin 2nd Half1 by 2+ 
937Winning Margin 2nd Half2 by 1 
938Winning Margin 2nd Half2 by 2 
939Winning Margin 2nd Half2 by 2+ 
942Winning Margin 2nd HalfNo score 
943Winning Margin 2nd HalfScore draw 
73165Home Total Goals 1st HalfOver 0.5 
73166Home Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 1.5 
73167Home Total Goals 1st HalfOver 1.5 
73168Home Multi Goal 1st Half1-2 
73169Home Exact Total Goals 1st Half1 goal 
73170Home Exact Total Goals 1st Half2 goal 
73171Home Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 0.5 
73172Home Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 1.5 
73173Home Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 1.5 
73174Home Multi Goal 2nd Half1-2 
73175Home Exact Total Goals 2nd Half1 goal 
73176Home Exact Total Goals 2nd Half2 goal 
73177Away Total Goals 1st HalfOver 0.5 
73178Away Total Goals 1st HalfUnder 1.5 
73179Away Total Goals 1st HalfOver 1.5 
73180Away Multi Goal 1st Half1-2 
73181Away Exact Total Goals 1st Half1 goal 
73182Away Exact Total Goals 1st Half2 goal 
73183Away Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 0.5 
73184Away Total Goals 2nd HalfUnder 1.5 
73185Away Total Goals 2nd HalfOver 1.5 
73186Away Multi Goal 2nd Half1-2 
73187Away Exact Total Goals 2nd Half1 goal 
73188Away Exact Total Goals 2nd Half2 goal 
138242Home Multi Goal1-2 
138243Home Multi Goal1-3 
138244Home Multi Goal2-3 
138245Home Multi Goal2-4 
138246Home Multi Goal3-4 
138247Away Multi Goal1-2 
138248Away Multi Goal1-3 
138249Away Multi Goal2-3 
138250Away Multi Goal2-4 
138251Away Multi Goal3-4