Best online bookmakers

As a punter, it is very important to maximize your profits by betting with the right bookmaker. There are often situations in which one bookmaker can have a much higher/lower odd for the same odd on a match compared to other bookmakers. Knowing which bookmakers offers best odds for a match can increase your earnings from betting massively. Sharp Odds Maker makes this task easy with it's well designed odds comparison table and profit margins table.

List of best online bookmakers

1. Marathonbet
Marathonbet is the best online bookmaker in my opinion. It has one of the lowest profit margins of all bookmakers. What makes them the best is the amount of bets they have basically no profit on. These bets can easily be spotted with Sharp Odd Maker's profit margins table. Marathonbet has a tendency to put close to 0% profit on some bets on some matches. This is usually only a few bets per match, but if you can find these bets you can use them to your advantage.

List of best online bookmakers

2. 1xBet
1xBet is an overall good bookmaker. They have low profit margins on average. 1xBet has very high odds as well as one of the best live betting systems. It may not be the most popular bookmaker, but they have a very good beginner offer. Currently, every new punter can get a €100 bonus for betting.

List of best online bookmakers

3. Bet365
Bet365 is the biggest betting site right now. They offer odds for a wide variety of matches, even ones for some less popular leagues at a good profit margin. They also have a good withdrawal system. Withdrawals are processed in a matter of few hours, making them very convenient for betting online.

4. William Hill
William Hill is definitely one of the most well known bookmakers in the world. They offer a €30 bonus for betting for beginners. In Canada, the bonus is an unbelievable $250 (Canadian dollars, which is ~200 USD). This type of welcoming bonus can hardly be matched, making them one of the best online bookmakers.

5. Paddy Power
Paddy power is one of the best online bookmakers because of it's very good promotions. These promotions come out on a daily basis. They give free bets on big matches very often making them a very good choice on those occasions.

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